Terms of Use guesthouse Kasienka

A. These Terms are an integral part of the contract rent guesthouse Kasienka.
B. The Guesthouse Kasienka do not allow for animals.
C. The Guesthouse Kasienka do require to use own slippers.
D. The Guesthouse Kasienka do not allow for smoking or any other drugs.
E. Do not enter to the house building winter equipment, or bikes. For the sports equipment there is provided a special room in the basement.
F. The person making the booking guesthouse Kasienka required to comply with these rules. Not complying with the specified rule, means removal from the guesthouse Kasienka immediately without refund of costs associated with full reservation.
A. LENDER - Kasienka homeowner.
B. MANAGER - authorized person representing the Lender to manage the guesthouse Kasienka.
C. Booking Form - a document in electronic form, which is one form of booking via the Internet.
D. DEPOSIT - is charged from 10% - 50% of the Service that is a security fixed costs associated with the preparation of the pension.
E. RESERVATIONS - advance permission to use the guesthouse Kasienka under the conditions specified in these Regulations.
F. Rental agreement - the document giving the right to use the guesthouse Kasienka the conditions specified in the reservation form.
G. CLIENT - a legal or natural person having the capacity to act within the meaning of Civil Code.
H. DAMAGES - compensation payable to the Lender in respect of the preparation and set up the guesthouse Kasienka a flat rate of 10% -50% of eligible compensation for rent or guesthouse payments made to the Customer shall pay Lender, in the absence of the service for reasons attributable to the Lender after the effective reservation of 10% -50% of the value of future services.
A. Current bid Guesthouse Kasienka is by website, by phone or at the Manager of Kasienka.
B. The Reservation of Kasienka is made by the website by completing and sending the booking form, which is an integral part of the site, by email or directly by the tenant to the Manager. Telephone reservations are made at the time of lack of access to the on-line reservation.
C. The consequences of incorrect data by the customer in the on-line form is the total responsibility of the customer.
D. After the tenancy dates agreed and other conditions of hiring Kasienka, you are obliged to pay the deposit.
E. Booking is valid after the deposit of 10% -50% of the amount due for the entire stay is paid. Money transfer of this deposit to the bank account is a confirmation of booking Kasianka.
F. If the customer pays an amount equal to the price of the whole service, deposit is not required.
G. The manager or person authorized by him shall send the final confirmation to the email address provided by the customer, not later than within 48 hours of receipt of the deposit.
H. The fee for staying customer pays at the latest on arrival by bank transfer or cash to the manager, at the same time Customer will be returned the deposit, or the deposit will be credited towards the outstanding balance.
A. If the booking was made effective, and Lender hasn’t prepared Pension Kasienka Client shall be paid compensation amounting to 10% - 50% of unrealized Kasienka rental services.
B. If the client give up from renting House Kasienka, the Lender is entitled to compensation for loss of profit of 50% of the service.
C. In the case of circumstances described in paragraph B Customer agrees to mutual compensation charges enjoyed by the Customer in respect of the claim and refund the deposit with the Lender to compensate for not renting guesthouse Kasienka.
D. In case of circumstances described in paragraph. B, and the deposit has not been received (section III F), the Lender shall retain 50% of the value of service as compensation, and return the remaining amount to the account specified by the customer.
E. The Parties declare that certain compensation due to site by the Lender or Customer suit claim arising from the contract for the reservation or denial of service.
A. The client is expected to arrive the first day after 16.00 unless otherwise agreed.
B. Client and Manager in conjunction with Kasienka renting should do inspection of the house on the spot and make acquisitions, min. by checking the ambient condition.
C. Upon receiving the keys to the guesthouse Kasienka customer provides identification data from the ID cards of all adult guests and they are recorded in the Books reports.
D. Receive the keys to the guesthouse Kasienka follows immediately in a rented building.
E. Giving back keys of the house should take place on the last day of stay up to 10.00 in the morning unless otherwise agreed.
F. Staying longer than 10:00 am in Kasienka without arrangements with the manager will be treated as an extension of stay.
G. Request to extend Client stay should be submitted no later than 10:00 am the day preceding the expiry of fixed term tenancy Kasienka. Manager shall consider the request to extend Client stay if possible, when no other reservations for that day.
H. Customer is obliged to inform the manager or landlord of any events that may expose the Service Provider for damage.
A. Rents Kasienka pension within a calendar year determines price list.
B. The unit of currency is the Polish Zloty (PLN).
C. The fee for the services is regulated by transfer to a bank account or cash.
D. The fee for tax is not included in the price and is regulated by the Managers.
E. For services not covered by the contract, such as additional nights, Pay TV, and others, Payment will be managed by the Manager.
F. In any case, all charges for the additional services must be made prior to the reception of Kasienka rented to a Customer top the bank account.
A. Lender shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the value of cash, jewellery or valuables belonging to the Kasienka staying guests.
B. The guest is obliged to reimburse any costs associated with the loss of or damage to the key to the guest house or rooms at Kasienka which he resides.
C. Lender shall not be liable for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the guests.
D. Due to fire safety are prohibited in the Kasienka heaters and other electrical appliances that are not supplied from the guesthouse. This does not include chargers and power supplies, electronics and computer equipment.
E. Before discharging the guesthouse Kasienka by guests, the Manager has the right to check the technical condition of the house, equipment and facilities located in it.
F. For any damage or destruction of equipment and technical equipment caused by the fault of people visiting the house, guests are responsible of it.
G. In the case of force majeure, i.e. extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of either party, natural disasters, strikes, acts of war or other situations that prevent the realization of the service under the contract, the Service Provider shall be relieved from the responsibility of the contract.
H. The service provider is not liable for delays in access to the booking system for reasons independent of him. In this connection it may suspend access to the site the time needed to remove technical and organizational issues.
I. Children and teenagers are under their guardians responsibility while residence in Kasienka. Responsibility also full for any damage to property or bodily injury shall be borne fully to the legal guardians.